Friday, March 25, 2011

new HONDA sphere concept detail. when will release on the road. realy extreme concept.

Surrender all assurance in the motor modifikator to change the buyer is actual generally happens, abnormally back afterward the modification of the challenge arena, as able-bodied as Sutopo which handed over all his assignment on his motorcycle to modifikator and actual satisfactory results. Motor blazon Legend won his bays The Coolest Blink-Blink.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R Modifikasi

Kawasaki Athlete 125 cc R Modifikasi

For abutting kawasaki amateur is kawasaki athlete 125R or 150 cc, 150R.Like that was accepted by us kawasaki Amateur in armed the apparatus 125cc that could aftermath the ability of 10 adaptable phones to 8000 rpm. Indeed was not too big but remembered that the ambition kawasaki Athlete was the accepted avoid bazaar like Supra fit, Jupiter Z, Shogun or Honda Supra as the giant's ability not all of his adhesive in this articulation but the achievability and abundance that played an important role. This was accurate with the attendance of bifold disc brakes that absolutely adjacent pengoprasian him added was accessible than the anchor tromol the actualization of this motor again additionally was additional up. The position of the abeyance monoshock that bisected of the beddy-bye (like to Ducati Monster 696) enabled the disciplinarian bermanufer added adjustable and added adequate compared to the motor with the vertical suspension.

This motor is a phenomenon among bikers separate homeland. Kawasaki was smart enough to semi trail bike left by Suzuki with his variant TS125. It's a clean bike with 144 cc capacity looks small, but this is the motor that can be supported properly by the body of Indonesia's most average height less than 170 cm.

Supermoto is the result of the intercross motocross and road racing. Motorcycles in general is a combination of species motors with off road wheels or tires with asphalt. There is also a general call supermotard.Pada competing on home soil, Europe use leather racing suit with a helmet and motocross boots. Unlike motor racing in general, here was no indulgence in high speed. In fact, the tendency was quite slow, less than 160 km / hour. But it's for the European class-based large capacity motorcycles.

Which is characteristic of the wheel diameter between the front and back together. Original version of the front wheels while the rear 70/100-19 dimension 90/100-16. This is intended to support agility in its control.
There are some interesting alternatives. 16-inch diameter front wheel Storm Deli Tire 110/80-16 rear wheels with the brand and the same type 130/80-16.Memang not many tire manufacturers make tires with a diameter of 16 inches. It must be admitted, round rubber manufacturer from Medan Deli Tire is a tire manufacturer that is also famous for its range Swallow very melimpah.Bisa size viewed from the motor which is a modification of original bikers who had visited Semarang U Mild U Bikers in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

For those interested in using other brand tires, which can be selected berdiamenter 17 inches. Combinations that could be used. 100/70-17 and 110/70-17; then 110/70-17 and 130/70-17; and 130/70-17 and 160/60-17.

The next obstacle is the number of bars KLX150 unique enough, only 28 pieces. Motorcycles in general who rely wheel radius 36 numbered pieces. To ring 16 may not be a problem because it can use the rear wheel. What about the diameter of 17 inches? When the jelly, when launching the first time, in May earlier because there are peculiarities that are not filled hole radius!!

The solution, as well as the Indonesian people during dilakoni this: if no one sells it contrived? Yup. Velgpun can be made. See it, wheels are able to carry an extra tire width is a result of the creation of a child.

If the diameter of the front and rear wheels are the same, others could follow. For example installation of hand guard, handlebars with better quality, free flow exhaust, aftermarket CDI are all provided as part of Genuine Kawasaki.Semoga useful accessories.

If there is still not understood, please send questions, the editor will respond with MotMod consideration of modifikator.


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